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School Can be hard for Children with Autism.

Make life easier with an interactive Classroom Support Plan

The Classroom Support Plan provides individualized, hands-on recommendations
to parents and teachers about how to help students with Autism and similar needs
have the most successful experience at school.

What is it?

The Classroom Support Plan is an interactive tool that allows you to answer questions about your child. A full personalized support plan is then generated and can be viewed online or printed.

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What is the Classroom Support Plan?
Who is it for?

This tool is designed for children in pre-school through 5th grade with Autism Spectrum and related disorders

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Who can benefit most using the Classroom Support Plan?
Who Created it?

This tool was created in partnership with RelateNow and Imagine a Child’s Capacity. Two national experts have collaborated to create these plans based on their many years of experience supporting children with Autism and related disorders in classroom settings.

Watch a video and Learn more about the creators:
Nannette Negri, PhD & Lisa Hoeme

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